Instagram a routine malaise.

a routine malaise.

22 | gay | twihard for life | Feist & Local Natives have my heart | I would sell my soul in exchange for Kate Moennig.


madness. utter madness.

my leg is broken in two places. my body aches down to the bone.

and my heart is broken into two pieces. right down the center, in that clique ass zig-zag line.

fuck you for not seeing it, for not feeling it. i think at some point you did. maybe not completely, but you felt something. you thought about it. about me, all the time..and i got caught up. 

isn’t hell nice?

just, fuck you.

"I want to be a monster, too." - Bella Swan, Eclipse

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do you ever want to sleep for 14 years without waking up

that’s called you’ve been dead for 14 years.

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Kisses that linger for hours
Two hard folks erase our windows to be closed
The garden noise has penetrate the slumber
Without …

It’s like there’s a payload on a ring of fire
We’re not considering beyond
Everything is magical enough
It’s in here with us

The sunshine being taken by a downpour
Surely words are being beat up to the sun
Game of light that sweeps across your pillow
Thickets through the leaves

Down to the Sound - Bibio | The Green EP

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